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Travel Authorization forms are no longer required for teams travelling to tournaments.

September 2 - 7:30 PM
CORA Tournament:
January 2016
CORA Board Meeting:


December 15:
Coaching Certification Deadline.
December 15:
Teams must declare intent to particiate at Provincial Championships


The CORA AGM will be held at Triwood Community Centre (2244 Chicoutimi Dr. NW) on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7:30pm. There must be at least one member of each team in attendance. As many people as you like can attend, but there is a maximum of three votes per team. If your team doesn’t have anyone show up at the meeting, you will get fined.

The following positions are up for election this year:
President - this position requires previous CORA board experience 
Ringette Calgary Liaison
League Coordinator
Director(s) at Large (multiple positions)

We are always looking for new people to join the board, so if you’re interested, please volunteer!!

We are aiming to start the season the weekend of September 19-20

Looking for a Team?
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University Challenge Cup

The University of Calgary Dinos Ringette Club hosted the Canadian University Ringette Championships at the Markin McPhail Centre (COP / Winsport Arena A) from December 28-31, 2014


Congratulations to our UofC Dinos who won the bronze medal and played host to a very successful event.

Minor Officials are Everyone's Responsibility

We have been receiving comments from coaches which suggest that some teams are not fulfilling their game responsibilities by providing Minor Officials.

CORA Rules & Regs stipulate that the home team is responsible for ensuring that minor officials are available, including game timekeeper, game scorekeeper, and penalty box attendants. Where possible, the visiting team may provide a minor official to assist the home team.

Granted, it is sometimes difficult to fill these positions if your team does not have a lot of steady fans BUT, it is still the duty of every team to ensure that there are people in the box and it is unfair to assume that your opponent will provide people (sometimes fans really just want to watch the game!)

If you are having trouble, try creating a “minor official schedule” and have every player on the team take a slot or two – this means it is that player’s responsibility to ensure that they provide a worker (whether they hire one, bring someone or ask someone who normally comes to games).  The slot is the player’s to fill, so if they don’t arrange to have someone there then they are responsible to work the shift.

Categorization of Teams (from the RIngette Alberta Rules & Regulations)

Open "A‟- Highly Competitive
  Teams are comprised mostly of former "AA‟ players and highly skilled
"A‟ players
Teams who chose players based on skill, make cuts, hold tryouts
All collegiate teams
Teams who do not qualify for Open "B‟ or Open "C‟
Open "B‟- Competitive
  Teams are comprised of mostly mid-level „A‟ players and high/mid-level "B‟ players
  i. Teams that do not make cuts based on skill
  ii. Teams that may register a maximum of 3 players who have been registered at the "AA‟ level or higher Ringette or equivalent skill levels in hockey within the past three (3) years.
Open "C‟ and "D‟- Recreational
  Teams that are comprised of mostly mid-low level "B‟ players
  i. Teams that do not make cuts based on skill
  ii. Teams may register a maximum of 2 players who have been registered at the "AA‟ level or higher in Ringette or equivalent skill levels in hockey within the past five (5) years

What is CORA?
The Calgary Open Ringette Association has been formed to oversee the day to day operations of Open (+18) Ringette in Calgary.

CORA operates league play, city playoffs, registration and fee collection independent of Ringette Calgary. CORA does have a representative who attends monthly Ringette Calgary meetings to ensure that the two associations continue to work together for development of officials, coaches and our sport.

The intent of this association is to have the adults playing in it make the decisions which govern it.   We will endeavor to promote and develop competitive adult ringette in Calgary.



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